School Policies

It is the schools expectation that your child wear in their uniform daily. Fridays students can wear jeans and their spirit shirt. Please help us adhere to this expectation. It starts at home. We know that kids can push back sometimes, but we are asking for full participation and that cannot happen without you. If you need help getting uniforms we have a swap shop available and assistance if needed. 

Students need to be at school daily. If your student needs to be absent for any reason you need to provide a note upon their arrival back to school for the absent to be to be excused. 

Changing your child's transportation:
If there is a change in the way your child is to go home, please notify the teacher in writing. It is difficult for teacher to check their phone messages throughout the day. Your child will be sent home the way that you have instructed if the teacher DOES NOT have a note. If an EMERGENCY occurs during the day and you need to chage transportation please call the front office before 2:45 PM (1:45 WED)

Carline Procedures:
Parents please be sure that you have your school issued tag in your window. This allows for us to call you child to the correct location to keep the car line moving. If you do not have your school apporved tag you will need to park and go to the front office to sign your child out. 

We know that birthdays are an exciting time for you and your children. We ask that if you are sending in treats for your child's birthday that they be individual store bought items, such as cupcakes, donuts individually wrapped snacks. Item such as cakes and party supplies or balloons are not allowed.